How to Order

How to Order

How to Order

You Choose.

Pre-order your cuts online. When placing an order, you will be charged a deposit to secure your order. Nature then does its thing while you wait.

How to Order

We Select & Cut.

We carefully select the mature animals and create your fine cuts. Once we have the exact weight(s) we charge your final payment as we start packing.

How to Order

We Pack.

After three weeks of dry ageing on the bone and being cut by our master butcher Paul your order is packed and dispatched the same day. Fresh and chilled!

How to Order

We Deliver.

Depending on where you live, your meat will be delivered on your nominated delivery day, fresh to your doorstep.

How to Order

You Enjoy.

It is up to you to make the most of our meat. Cooking for yourself or with family and friends we hope you will become a fan and return for more.

Pre-ordering is easy. Select your preferred cuts and products for the delivery week of your choice. 

We are a little different from other online meat shops. A boutique producer, our supply season runs from October to March each year. To ensure you receive your order when you need it, we ask you pre-order with us. We work on a first come, first served basis and our top cuts sell-out fast. Pre-ordering is easy. You create an account and select your preferred cuts and products for the delivery week of your choice. 

Our Matangi Release Programme commences the first week of October and runs on a fortnightly cycle through to March. For every delivery date meat is fine cut that week by our master butcher, Paul with the animals processed, then hung to dry age on the bone for three weeks contributing to our special quality and taste.

When you pre-order we give you an estimate of the size and price of the cut you choose, then nature does its thing while you wait. On placing your order, you will be charged a retainer fee to secure your order. Once the fine cuts are processed by Paul, we will know the exact weight of each cut and we will contact you to fulfil your final payment.

Our delivery options are:
Hawke's Bay $10 | North Island $15 | Waiheke and South Island $25
For rural delivery you need to provide a collection point of choice or a non-rural delivery address.
Once all the cuts have been pre-ordered there is no more until the next release season. 

Delivery will be by courier in specially sealed and insulated packaging, with ice packs added to ensure your order keeps cool until you get home (you can also have your meat delivered to your work or another address of your choice). Please don’t forget to refrigerate your order right away.  We are excited about your interest in Matangi Beef. We hope you enjoy our selection of cuts and products.

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How to Order
The Matangi Release Program

Matangi Beef is not available all year round because nature does not work that way. Our calves are born in July and August and we believe they should have sufficient time to fully develop and reach their optimal condition and weight

We groom them until they are 24 to 30 months old. Only then are they well marbled and the taste is perfect. That is the reason the annual Matangi Release Programme always starts in the first week of October - we call it Matangi Week round here. We then supply customers every second week until March.

You can find all our delivery weeks listed in our online shop. We encourage you to select your cuts and pre-order as soon as possible to secure your supply.