Our Angus Beef

Our Angus Dams and Sires on Matangi Station come with the best genetics for eating quality in New Zealand. Our genetic breeding partner is a leading New Zealand stud farm, also based in Hawke’s Bay, with special focus on all the characteristics that make up perfect Angus Beef.

At Matangi, we take the development of maturing our Angus cattle carefully– we understand that good things take time. We measure quality in terms of Intra-Muscular fat and marbeling and how this creates well prepared and succulent Angus Beef. Grass fed only.

We believe that the highest quality in meat starts with breeding the right cattle and providing the best growing environment possible. Our animals enjoy a perfect setting with lush green-grassed paddocks, pure spring water and well shaped rolling paddocks for their daily movements. Angus cattle are strong and love hill country – Matangi Station provides just that.

Our cattle are regularly checked for their health and wellbeing and are free of steroids and antibiotics. Our stock management focusses on providing a stress-free life for our animals while they mature.

In addition to raising prime Angus cattle we carry about 1800 ewes and each year we provide the market with top quality spring lambs. Sheep help to maintain pasture quality for the Angus cattle and keeps our farm in prestine condition.

Matangi Prime Meat Limited
RD12 Havelock North, 4294
Hawke’s Bay