Our Story

Our Story
The 'Matangi Passion' drives us to do our best for our land, our animals and our customers.

The quality of our land is a key ingredient to raising healthy, strong and ultimately flavoursome Angus cattle. We breed and raise our animals over two properties within the Tuki Tuki catchment. Lush grass on nutritious soil, clean water in every paddock, shady trees, all contours of landscape – the perfect backdrop for contented animals. And we're constantly improving these wonderful places by planting native trees, fencing off creeks, protecting the soil and our water sources.

Our mission is to provide the best quality Angus beef for New Zealanders to enjoy, not for export. We researched and chose specific genetics and optimised our farms to be perfect for Angus cattle before we started building our herd. We also found our very own master butcher who understood our thinking.

In 2019, we released the first 28 animals to the market, born and raised on Matangi. The result was outstanding, with a quality that took our pioneer customers by surprise.

Robert Haselsteiner 

Jamie Gaddum
Farm Manager

We decided to breed Angus cattle for several reasons. 

The Matangi Principle is very clear: full control over genetics, animal wellbeing, farming practices and the butchering process. Quality not quantity!

Perfectly raised and groomed Angus cattle provide a quality of meat that is second to none. 100% Angus is different from Wagyu or Wagyu cross breeds – Angus is what connoisseurs refer to as “the real steak”.

Angus cattle do extremely well on grass and on our land in Hawke’s Bay –  they love the contours from flats to steeper hills and they take the swings from hot summers to fresh pacific winters with ease – they are robust, but lovely and friendly animals. 

We were convinced that with the right mixture of science and experience, we could create a herd with outstanding eating quality features. The success of our first release in 2019 proved us right. 

We are a boutique producer focused only on quality - our meat is not for export. We are constantly working to improve the eating quality features of our herd. Crafting superb meat starts with the best genetic predisposition and ends with butchering the fine cuts to precision. 

But we leave one responsibility with you, our customers – cooking our meat to perfection!

Our Story
We always have four generations on the farm – cows and bulls, calves, yearlings and two-year olds, keeping farm manager Jamie busy, but he loves every minute of it.

We love our Angus cattle, and we are proud of them. Raising them from birth to strong two-year old steers and heifers is done with passion and dedication by farm manager, Jamie Gaddum. 

First, our calves run with their mothers and after weaning (the day of adolescence when they leave mum behind) they run in closed herds with their peers of the same age. On the Matangi farms they move around a lot enjoying lush grass and good water with the least amount of stress possible, at all ages. Yard times are minimal and optimal animal healthcare is paramount and of course our cattle are free of steroids, hormones and antibiotics.

We treat our cattle with respect as we want them to have the perfect life, over the time they are with us.

A boutique producer focused only on quality our meat is not for export.

It is reserved for New Zealanders – meat connoisseurs, Kiwis or friends of Aotearoa who live here or visit – who want to experience the best grass-fed Angus beef.

Our meat is a luxury product perfect for special occasions. Offering a superior experience we go the extra mile from breeding our own closed herd, with no butchering before 24 months, to hanging and dry ageing the quarters on the bone for three weeks before our master butcher Paul does the fine cuts. This produces the well marbled and succulent cuts our expert customers expect and desire. 

Our Story