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Bone in Ribeye - Whole/Half Rack

Also known as “Côte de Boeuf”, the Bone-In Ribeye is an exceptional cut; the perfect balance of flavour and tenderness. 

Roasted as a rack or grilled as single ribs, it offers high levels of marbling, full grass-fed beef flavour and perfect juiciness. It is sure to impress both on the plate and on the palate! 

The rib bone provides protection to the meat for an even, perfect cooking and  adds flavour.  Choose cap-on for added ‘bulkiness’ and flavour; many consider the Cap as the tastiest cut on the steer. Choose Frenched for a lean look and perfect presentation. 

Like every other Matangi cut it holds rich 100% grass fed beef flavours enhanced by our unique 3 weeks dry aging process.

Matangi Bone In Ribeye comes ’cap on’ or ‘Frenched’ (which slightly changes the cooking time). Ideally season your Bone In Ribeye the day before with sea salt flakes, if not remove from the fridge one hour before cooking and salt it.

Baste all sides with olive oil or clarified butter. Preheat your oven at 240°C or use the indirect heat area of your BBQ).

Place a cast iron pot (oven proof) on the stove top on high heat.  Once smoking hot place your Bone In Ribeye inside fat side down and then sear all sides. Once seared remove the pot from the stove and place it in the oven with the Bone In Ribeye sitting fat side with the bone up, vertically, so you get even cooking on both sides. If it doesn’t sit evenly make sure you turn the Bone In Ribeye halfway through the cooking.

Cook until it reaches an internal temperature of 45 to 50°C. Remove from the heat and let it rest covered in tin foil for 10 min. Season to taste and indulge!

Grass-Fed Only

Bone in Ribeye - Whole/Half Rack