We are proud of working with leading chefs in Hawkes Bay and Auckland.



When we started our first Matangi Release Programme in October 2019 we talked to leading restaurant chefs in our home region of Hawke’s Bay to understand their taste, criteria and to get their feedback on our meat.

Sam Clark, Chef/Owner at Central Fire Station Bistro in Napier, sums it up perfectly, "For me this is the best beef in NZ “. It’s no wonder we feel so proud.

Check out Sam's review below.

If you are a chef and you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you. Contact Nicky Gaddum at nicky@matangi.co.nz 

“Matangi Beef has been a staple since opening Central Fire Station, I was looking for a local beef producer that had a real wow factor.

You know Matangi beef is special as soon as you open the box it comes in – the dry aged aroma is incredible! 

The marbling and fat content is hands down the best I have used in NZ.  Accordingly we keep cookery methods very simple for Matangi beef to let the flavour speak for itself, mostly we cook over charcoal, the depth of flavour is simply unmatched.

I am counting down the days till the new season starts!”

Sam Clark’s culinary career began early. Growing up in Raglan and often in the kitchen with his grandmother Joy, helping (mostly eating) to cook food that was grown on the family farm.

As a chef, Sam loves creating inspired versions of dishes that remind him of those experiences with her.

After studying culinary arts in Hamilton in his teens, and getting a head start in local restaurants from a young age, Sam was exposed to the creative expressions of French style classic technique.
Sam’s passion for cooking and experience flourished in 2010 when he returned from Australia to take up the Head Chef position at Cable Vineyard on Waiheke Island, followed by Clooney in Auckland in 2014.

Read more about Sam on his website.

Positioned amidst Auckland’s bustling cityscape, Hugo’s Bistro offers all day dining- a place to perch at the bar & grab the morning coffee, meet friends for an afternoon Aperitivo, or eat in the welcoming dining room and bar. 

Alfie Ingham joined Hugo’s Bistro as Head Chef in early 2019, hailing from North West England. L’Ami Jean in Paris was the Bistro that changed cooking for Alfie. The place was loud, no-nonsense and tremendous fun,  serving a modern and light take on traditional bistro food. The experience inspires his Hugo’s menu; a lighter style of classical cooking applied to New Zealand produce, with every element having a reason for being on the plate. Beautiful ingredients are are simply prepared, with the open fire lending charred and smoky notes to the menu.

“I was amazed when I first tried Matangi beef. The combination of fat, the complexity of dry aging and the flavor of grass fed beef make for perhaps the best beef I have tried in NZ. 

The menu at Hugo’s Bistro is printed daily and is dictated by the produce available and our wood grill. We work with small suppliers, cheesemongers, fishermen and butchers and their produce makes up the majority of the menu. 

My dishes are mainly European in style - I take inspiration from Parisian bistros and buvettes, the pintxos bars of San Sebastian, Italian trattorias and my English background to create simple, bold flavours that let the produce take centre stage.”

Alfie Ingham