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Ooh la la! Bavette is a French gourmet’s favourite cut!

With a unique muscle texture this cut requires the right cooking technique and slicing. Once achieved it will grant you with the most amazing flavour. Slice it against the grain, add a red wine and shallot sauce, a touch of Dijon mustard, close your eyes and imagine you are in Paris!

Its open fibre structure also makes it a perfect cut for marinading.

Like every other Matangi cut it holds rich 100% grass fed beef flavours enhanced by our unique 3 weeks dry aging process.

Matangi Bavette comes whole.  Remove any silver skin but leave the extra fat as it will add moisture and depth of flavour as it cooks. 

Remove your Bavette from the fridge an hour prior to cooking and season with sea salt flakes. 

Bavette is a flat muscle with open fibre structure, so  ideal for marinading.  It will cook quickly on the grill or in the skillet. 

Whether you choose the skillet or the grill make sure it is hot! Baste with olive oil or clarified butter. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 45-50°C, then remove from the heat and rest under foil for 5 minutes. Always cut thinly across the grain toT serve. 

Season to taste and indulge! 

Grass-Fed Only